SWPA Symposium: Clinical
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Lawrence Dilks

1. Will APA Soon Require a Postdoctoral Fellowship to Teach or Practice?
Author:Lawrence S Dilks; Lawrence S Dilks; Burton Ashworth; Billie Clare Myers; Kimberly S. Hutchinson

SWPA talk session: Cognitive 1
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Jerwen Jou

1. Decision Criterion Plays an Important Role in DRM False Recognition Memory
Author:Jerwen Jou; Eric Escamilla; Richard Zuniga; Martin Perez Jr

2. Eyewitness identification is affected by suspect position in a simultaneous lineup
Author:Curt A. Carlson; Alyssa R. Jones; Charles Goodsell; Maria Carlson; Dawn R Weatherford; Jane Elizabeth Bednarz; Robert F Lockamyeir

3. Pre-lineup Confidence Assessment Could Harm the Post-lineup Confidence-Accuracy Relationship
Author:Jane Elizabeth Bednarz; Curt A. Carlson; Maria Carlson; Dawn R Weatherford; David Eugene Young

SWPA talk session: Animal Learning & Behavior
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Kendall Pasko

1. Human Violation Study (Belugas and Dolphins)
Author:Kendall Pasko; Heather M Hill

2. Postnatal sound exposure and rat pups’ reflex development: A pilot study
Author:Rachel Rohleder; Cathy A. Grover

SWPA Poster Session: Social 1
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

1. "Like a Girl?": The Effects of Gender Counter-Stereotypical Messages
Author:Karen Horn; Bianca Garcia; Beth Hentges

2. An Exploratory Examination of Politics and Prejudice
Author:Alexander P. Darrell; Gabriella D'Ambra; Cathy Cox

3. And the Oscar Goes to: Current Events and Pro-White Bias
Author:Scott Alan Hutchens; Sarah Evelyn Pelfrey

4. Anger's Role in Pain Tolerance and Intergroup Violence
Author:J C Holacka; Elizabeth M. Niedbala; Zachary P. Hohman

5. Society's Reason for Their Interest in Relationship Status
Author:Isabel Mata; Christina N. Lopez

6. Blame: Considering the Effects of Choice, Agency, and Free Will
Author:Shirley M. Ogletree; Richard L. Archer; Paulette Diaz

7. Does Emotional Intelligence Impact Use of Emoji in Social Media?
Author:Tommie Hughes; Jon Cool; Medina Diane Thomas; Brittani Trumble

8. Effects of Exposure to Behavioral Depictions of Others on Self-Reported Behavior Frequency
Author:Lora L Jacobi; Ethan McMath; Rani Solomon

9. Effects of Gossip-type and Gender on Person Perception and Perceived Attractiveness
Author:Lora L Jacobi; Ethan McMath; Rani Solomon

10. Emerging Adults: Daily Hassles, Mental Health, and Memory
Author:Sergio Becerra; Ernesto Cardoso; Erin Boyd; Lauri Jensen-Campbell

11. Extending trust across group boundaries: Behavioral trust toward atheists
Author:Brock C Rozich; Jared Kenworthy

12. Father Presence and Gender Role Development in College Aged Individuals
Author:Kaylee Jackson; David P McAnulty

13. Feelin' Sexty: Effects of Gender and Sext Message Type on Perceived Appropriateness
Author:Sarah Jo Matthews; Kayleigh Thomas; Maddie Leigh Straup; Martin Alonso Martinez; Traci A Giuliano

14. Finding Your Voice: Transfer of Fit to Social Evaluations
Author:J. Adam Randell; Jeffrey L Seger; Rebekah L Pullicar

15. Gender Moderates the Relationship Between BMI and Emotional Response to One's Body
Author:Deana Danilova Diekhoff; George M. Diekhoff; Catherine Grace Stepniak

16. Grab Them by the Votes: Personality Variables and Acceptance of Sexual Assault
Author:Andrea N. Jamiel; Sarah Ann Edwards; Stormy Flemming; Abby Mitchell; Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke

17. 'It Just Clicked': Discovering Furry Identity and Motivations to Engage with Fandom
Author:Thomas R Brooks; Stephen M Reysen; Courtney Plante; Sharon E. Roberts; Kathleen Gerbasi; Adam Ray; Daniel P Chadborn; Natalia Assis; Andrew M. Tague

18. "Who Wore it Best?": Gender Representation in the 2016 Rio Olympics
Author:Katie Dworzycki; Beth Hentges

19. A Potential Performance Theory Analysis of Sex Difference in Mate Preferences
Author:Holly R Hackett; Jessica Dickey; Austin Jorgensen

20. A Pre-emptive Strike: Mindfulness as an Aid Against Future Ego-Depletion
Author:Michael Rice; Lauren E. Brewer

21. Age and BMI: Predictors of Poor Treatment and Appearance Teasing
Author:Shannon Rich Scott; Lisa Rosen; Ariel Villarreal; Danielle Kelly

22. Are You Pulling My Leg?: Pranks and Creativity
Author:Jennifer G. Mobley; Lexie Farar; Jacqueline M Vega

23. Social Media Dependence, Self-esteem, Facebook Friendships: Do "Likes" Make a Difference?
Author:Patricia Lyons; Briceyda Chavez; Kevin Hernandez; Emma Hudgins; Karolina Lopez; Marissa Walker

24. Song Lyrics and Anti-Interracial Dating Bias
Author:Bryan Martinez; Genesis Aurora Bobadilla; Rani Solomon; Sarah Standridge; Sarah Savoy

25. System Justification and Economic Myths Regarding the Gay Community
Author:Wayne Wilkinson

26. Body Ideal Differences Among Anglo American and Mexican American Women and Men
Author:Stella G Lopez; Stephanie Silva; Danielle April Nicole Chapa

27. College Students’ Perceptions of Safety on Campuses with Campus Carry
Author:John Garrett Tanner; William Kelemen

28. Do Incarcerated Individuals Have More Death Anxiety?
Author:Brittany M. Foos; Anna Harper; Paul Jones; Ronald W Wright; Scott Drabenstot

29. Factors that Impact Jury Decision Making
Author:Ian Ruth; Michele Cox Helfrich

30. Juror Perceptions of Schizophrenia: Labels versus Symptoms
Author:Arianne Fisher; Chelsea Wheeler; Andrea N. Jamiel

31. Gender Differences in Perceptions of Casual Sex Interactions
Author:Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia

32. Impact of Family Violence on Problematic Sexual Behaviors in School-Age Children
Author:Asia G. Perkins; Jordan M Pyle; Sarah M Cason; Jane Silovsky

33. Development of Psychoeducational Groups Addressing Relationships and Sexual Assault with Greek Fraternities
Author:Ryan Smalley; Brian Stran; Kelsey Moffitt; Eileen Joy; Dave Provorse; Jericho Hockett

34. Effects of Virginity Status on Sexual Attitudes and Perceptions of Self
Author:Henny Trifiro; Peter E. L. Marks

35. Guys and Dolls: The Short and Tall of Tinder
Author:Hannah Lynn Spears; Sean Alexander Bogle Jr.; Ashley Alyse Wysong; James Cason Miller; Tiffiny L. Sia

36. Preventing Sexual and Relationship Violence on College Campuses
Author:Kelsey Moffitt; Eileen Joy; Brian Stran; Ryan Smalley; Jericho Hockett; Dave Provorse

SWPA talk session: Personality
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Mary Pogue

1. Letters from Jenny: What a Modern Linguistic Analysis Tells Us About Jenny
Author:Mary Pogue; Carolyn S. Turner

2. The Role of Time Perspectives On Risk-Taking Behavior and Procrastination
Author:Gage Brookman; Jennifer Dyson

3. A preliminary study of music experience, creativity and personality
Author:William G. Collier

SWPA talk session: Family & LGBT
Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Barrett Corey

1. Marriage Games: A Game Theory Exploration of Marital Relationships
Author:Barrett Corey; Katie Wick; Suzanne Fournier Macaluso; Ryan K Jessup

2. Gays, God, and Guns: The Orlando Shooting Tragedy on YikYak
Author:Emily Braun; Thomas William Snooks; Kenna Denae Neitch; Julian Campos Gomez; Hannah Lynn Spears; Tiffiny L. Sia

3. Perceptions of Transgender Men
Author:Elizabeth Peavy; Lauren E. Brewer

SWToP Workshop 1
Friday, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Chair: Bill Lammers

1. Assessment in a SNAP: Results from the APA National Summit on Assessment
Author:Katherine N Wickes; Loretta Neal McGregor; Regan Gurung

Psi Chi and Psi Beta Chapter and Officer Exchange
Friday, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Chair: Jennifer O'Loughlin-Brooks

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Holly Arrow
Friday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Kelly Henry

Psi Chi Community Engagement Panel
Friday, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Chair: Grant Benham

SAMR / SWPA Poster Session
Friday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: Class time and Course Type On GPA
Author:Michael Rice

2. Identifying clinically relevant diffusion tensor indices: An example in Alzheimer’s Dementia
Author:Michael Adam Kriegsman; Herve Abdi

3. Observation Oriented Modeling: An Alternative to Logistic Regression
Author:Lisa Dirmeier Cota

4. Persons vs. Means: The Case of Evolutionary Enhanced Memory
Author:Zachery Taylor; Samantha Renee Garner; Eliwid Medellin; Crystal E Felix; Lisa Dirmeier Cota; James W. Grice

5. Persons vs. Means: The Case of the Stroop Task
Author:Crystal E Felix; Eliwid Medellin; Zachery Taylor; Lisa Dirmeier Cota; James W. Grice

6. Toward Understanding the Whole Person: Creating a Multidimensional Model of Wellness
Author:Leigh VanDeburgh; Johnny Mark Kirk; Kevin Marc Peter Woller

7. Using coherence to tap into the “untapped” brain
Author:Julie Schneider; Matthew Wood; Henry Quezada; Mandy Maguire

8. Effects of An Introductory Statistics Course On Mathematical Skills
Author:Roger E. Kirk

9. Mediation of Depression between Anxiety and Neuroticism within SEM model of Nomophobia
Author:Seungyeon Lee; Min Sung Kim; Eric Charles Prichard; Myeong Kim

10. A Cross-cultural Comparison between Americans and Chinese in Value Importance
Author:Yong Dai; Qing Zeng

11. College Student’s Well-being: Comparing Commuter and Residential Students
Author:Taylor Lane Townsend; Julissa Alvarado

12. Development and Validation of an Academic Self-Efficacy Measure for Undergraduates
Author:Fabiola Almeida; Stefanie Boswell

13. Development of a Measure of Undergraduate Research Self-Efficacy: A Pilot Study
Author:Christopher Joseph Gonzaba; Stefanie Boswell

14. Further Validity Evidence for a New Measure of Academic Self-Efficacy
Author:Fabiola Almeida; Stefanie Boswell

15. Others' Deception Attitude Measure: Investigating its Psychometric Properties
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Chelsea Dickens; Kelsey Paige Blauser; Ariadna N Sonni-Oquendo; Alexandra Robles Robles

16. The Anger Parameters Scale and Anger Expressions Scale: A Psychometric Study
Author:Marissa Michelle Henderson; Ephrem Fernandez

17. A Factor Analysis of the Perception of Barriers Scale: Assessing College Seniors
Author:Amy Elizabeth Hufstedler; Femina P. Varghese

18. The Predictive Value of Social Media Intensity On Empathy
Author:Andrea Cristina Sanchez

19. An Employee's Motivation to Train and Organizational Commitment
Author:Abida Dhanani; Saira Fazalbhai

20. Competition Type and Compensation Design in Regards to Performance
Author:Staci A Sonntag; Austin Jorgensen

21. Exaggerating Competencies on a Test for Sales Personnel: A Four-nation Comparison
Author:George Dudley; Shannon L Goodson; Trelitha R Bryant; Suzanne C Dudley; Pam Haws

22. The Baby Boomer Bias: How Generational Labels Impact Older Workers
Author:Friederike K Buettner

24. Social Networking: Some Lessons from Effective Sales Professionals
Author:Shannon L Goodson; George Dudley; Trelitha R Bryant; Suzanne C Dudley; Pam Haws

25. Workplace Coaching, Self-Actualization, and Cross-Cultural Comparison
Author:Anastasiya Rusilka; Toni M DiDona; Zayda Costa

26. Examining Occupation and Health Predictors for Generalized Anxiety in Public School Teachers
Author:Amanda Michelle Jones; Krista Howard

27. Examining Relationships Between Organization-Based Self-Esteem, Job Satisfaction & Leader-Member Exchange
Author:Andrea Carolina Chavarria; Jacob Ebanks; Nicole Villarreal; Cheryl Stenmark

28. Influence of Observed Personality on Soft-Skills Coaching Success
Author:Caleb Magness

29. Examining the Role of Egalitarian Attitudes in Work-Family Balance and Burnout
Author:Casey Guillory Waters; Suzanne M Booth-LeDoux; Ian William David Mattix

30. Predictors of Emotional Labor in Academia
Author:Natalie Homa; Michelle Foust; Jennifer Perry; Kailey Meyer

31. Social dominance orientation and hiring ratings of generationally labeled individuals.
Author:Alexandra Lopez; Cody Brent Cox

32. What We Think of When We Think of Millennials
Author:Cinthia Guevara

SWPA talk session: Cognitive 2
Friday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Jay Brown

1. Temporal and Social Discounting Draw from the Same Cognitive Resource
Author:Jay C Brown; Mackenzie Taylor; Taylor Jackson

2. Temporal Discounting is Dependent on Commodity while Social Discounting is Not
Author:Jay C Brown; Taylor Jackson; Mackenzie Taylor

3. Small Steps to Recycling: Applying Construal Level Theory to Behavioral Intentions
Author:Taylor Willits; Amy Kathleen Jordan; J. April Park

SWPA talk session: Social 1
Friday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Adam Ray

1. A Social Identity Perspective of Gamer Sexism
Author:Adam Ray; Tracy B Henley; Stephen M Reysen

2. Sex Differences in Mood Effects on Stigma in Mental Illness
Author:Chelsea Campbell; Lauren E. Brewer; Steven Michael Estrada; Kyle E. Conlon

3. The Dynamic or Stable Perception of Sexism
Author:Shelby Lynne Terral; Amanda M Johnston

SWPA Undergraduate Competition
Friday, 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Scott Bailey

1. Lateral Attitude Change: Exploring the Role of Moral Conviction and Attitude Strength
Author:Allison Cheri DeJong; Skylar M Brannon

2. Mean Girls are Less Happy
Author:Sydney Keller; Alexandria Grace Parrish

3. Effect of Relevance and Valence of Instructor Disclosure on Student-Instructor Rapport
Author:Savannah Cavender

4. Veterans’ Perceptions of Mental Health Care Services at the VA
Author:Stephanie Marie Perez

5. Disgust Response and Characteristics of the Autism Spectrum
Author:Hannah N Hagler

6. Would people notice sudden switches in hair color or skin tone?
Author:Tori Nicole Francis

7. Confessions of a College Student: A Study about Sleep, Stress, and Self-Esteem
Author:Raneem Hamdan

8. The Effects of Weight Discrimination on Attitudes towards Binge Eating Disorder
Author:Amy Kathleen Jordan

SWPA State Symposium: Texas
Friday, 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Tom Faulkenberry

Psi Chi Regional Research Award Session 1
Friday, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Chair: Shawn Charlton

1. Cellphone addiction is associated with poorer sleep, but not with lower GPA
Author:Francisco J Torres

2. Effect of Priming Religious Attributes on Cognitive Dissonance and Willingness to Lie
Author:Katie Baumel

3. Lasting Effect of Aromatherapy on Social Stress
Author:Amy Barnett

4. Morning Exercise and Mood: How Long do Exercise Effects Last?
Author:Jamie Haddad

SWToP Talk Session 1
Friday, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Richard Miller

2. Creating a Learning Community to Enhance Retention and Engagement among Veteran Populations
Author:Amy N. Madewell; Tara Hembrough

3. A Demonstration on Gender Differences in Schematic Processing of Ambiguous Words
Author:Vicki Sheafer

SWPA Poster Session: Cognitive
Friday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

1. Enclothed cognition & how our self-perception affects our cognitive & emotional states
Author:Vikash Ramnanan; Crystal Kreitler

2. Can students accurately monitor their learning of negative emotional faces?
Author:Meg Jahns; Jennifer Eileen King; Amber E Witherby; Uma Tauber

3. Creating a more ecologically valid decision task
Author:Kevin L Kenney; W. Trey Hill

4. Do Judgments of Learning influence older adults memory for related word pairs?
Author:Holly Wright; Amber E Witherby; Uma Tauber

5. Does memory consolidation differentially influence same-race versus other-race face memories?
Author:Marina Bottiglieri; Safia Menssor; Nathan Wofford; Carmen E Westerberg

6. Effects of Attention on Subsequent Preference Judgments
Author:Katelyn Rene Stephenson; Rebecca G Deason

7. Effects of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on a Cognitive Task
Author:Shayna Fleming; Crystal Kreitler

8. Feedback on an initial lineup enhances subsequent lineup decisions.
Author:Robert F Lockamyeir; Charles Goodsell; Curt A. Carlson

9. Gesturing for Human Connections
Author:Nikki Shea Phillips

10. Hope is for the Helpless
Author:Wyn E. Taylor; Amandeep Dhaliwal

11. Implicit priming reveals both holistic and decomposed processing in fraction comparison
Author:Jessica Nejman; Tom Faulkenberry

12. Increased Information Seeking when Faced with Higher Anticipation of Regret
Author:J. April Park; Amy Kathleen Jordan; Taylor Willits

13. Ischemic Arm Pain and Eye-Witness Testimony: Assessment of Memory Recollection
Author:Jeffrey Goodman; Jocelyn Bright; Steven Troy Brewer; Crystal Kreitler; Hannah ann Howell

14. Effects of Attractiveness on Own-Race Bias
Author:Peter Gu; Tanya Perez; Crystal Oji; Renee El-krab; Jeffrey S. Anastasi

15. Evaluating the Attentional Own-Race Bias Using a Change Blindness Paradigm
Author:Karima Shehadeh; Renee El-krab; Kellie Hearn; Jeffrey S. Anastasi

16. Facial Recognition from a Source-Monitoring Perspective
Author:Kara Holland; Colleen Swain; Gregory S Drury

17. False Memories and Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms
Author:Devin M Stewart; Andrea Bancroft; Kristopher Nichols; Steven Michael Estrada; Gregory S Drury

18. Initial-Name Reconciliation as a Function of Implicit Sex Bias
Author:Nicholas Nicholas Domovich Domovich; Gregory S Drury

19. Memento mori: The relationship between defensive theology and adaptive memory recall
Author:Jermy Farnell; Ronald W Wright

20. Memory Adaptation for Benevolent and Non-Benevolent Deception
Author:Elizabeth Marie Thompson; Christian L. Hart

21. Own-Race Bias and The Effect of Multiple In-Group Dimensions
Author:Tanya Perez; Alissa Fleahman; Jessica Lee; Jeffrey S. Anastasi

22. Perfect With Practice? Effects of Practice and Statement Type on Deception Detection
Author:Daniella K Cash; Lillian Foster; Samantha Knotts; Sean M Lane

23. Predicting Potential Pitfalls: The Effect of Consequence Identification on Ethical Dilemma Assessment
Author:Jordan Watts; Vishal J Thakkar; Tim Barth

24. Rumination & Aging: An Examination of Rumination’s Relationship with Age and Cognition
Author:Brian Stran; RaLynn C Schmalzried; Ryan Smalley; Caleb J Hallauer

25. Studying While Multitasking: Effects of Cognitive Style and Working Memory Capacity
Author:Crina Silasi-Mansat; Mariah Ivette Escarsega

26. The Dynamics of Operator Preview Effects in Mental Arithmetic
Author:Julia Wood; Tom Faulkenberry

27. The Effects of Body Mass of Facial Recognition Task
Author:Alissa Fleahman; Courtney Theresa Spiegel; Janice Lynn Burke; Jeffrey S. Anastasi

28. The Effects of Music on Study Habits
Author:Samantha Baker; Sharon Eaves

29. The influence of emotional faces on memory and metamemory
Author:Lainey Harvey; Amber E Witherby; Uma Tauber

30. The Role of Working Memory Capacity and Cognitive Load on Lie Detection
Author:Daniella K Cash; Samantha Knotts; Lillian Foster; Sean M Lane

SWPA talk session: Religion
Friday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Robert Arrowood

1. A Quest for Meaning: The Relationship between Death, Quest Religiosity, and Well-being
Author:Robert Britton Arrowood

2. “God in the Bod” Research: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis
Author:Kevin A. Harris; Evelena McCutcheon; Maribel C. Benitez

3. Does God Speak in Threes? Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Isaiah
Author:Caleb Marshall; Erin M Buchanan

SWPA talk session: Social 2
Friday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Elizabeth Niedbala

1. Changes in Pain Tolerance, Anger, and Satisfaction during Successful Outgroup Attacks
Author:Elizabeth M. Niedbala; J C Holacka; Zachary P. Hohman

2. The Relationship between Nostalgia and Physical Pain
Author:Mike Kersten

3. Amending the Dual-factor Model of Facebook Use: Network Density and Self-disclosure
Author:Meghan A Crabtree; David Pillow; Willie J Hale

SCBNA Welcome Meeting
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Chair: Perry Fuchs

SAMR Talk Session 1
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

1. Factor Replicability in Exploratory Factor Analysis
Author:Charles A. Burdsal

2. Hierarchical Multiple Factor Analysis: a factor analysis for multiple tables with hierarchical structure.
Author:Cherise R Chin Fatt; Herve Abdi

SWPA Workshop:Teaching of Psychology
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Kelly Henry and Jennifer Bonds-Raacke

1. Get Prepared: Developing Job Materials with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Author:Kelly Bouas Henry; Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke

SWPA talk session: Social 3
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Marilyn Pugh

1. Social Stress, Neuroticism and Alcohol Motives in Emerging Adults
Author:Marilyn A. Pugh; Caitlyn Nicole Carey; Khrista Doshier

2. The Effect of Personality Descriptors on the Halo Effect
Author:Jalisa Lor

3. Emerging Adulthood Measured at Multiple Institutions 2: The Next Generation
Author:Jon Grahe

SCBNA / SWPA Poster Session
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

1. Chronic Caffeine Users' Alpha Waves: Implicit Theory and Perceived Stress Predictors
Author:Melissa Lenert; Luis E Aguerrevere; Lauren E. Brewer

2. Cold Pressor Pain Does Not Impair DKEFS Inhibition or Task Set Switching
Author:Chasley Jones; Joe Etherton; Jessica Loechel

3. Examining Psychophysiological Changes During Hypnotic Induction
Author:Lynae Roberts

4. Induced pain does not impair verbal fluency performance.
Author:Joe Etherton; Chasley Jones; Thomas Phelps; Delanie Ann Brown; Alexandra Castro; Jessica Loechel; Melanie Ibarra-Herrera

5. Induced pain interferes with Rey AVLT performance.
Author:Joe Etherton; Chasley Jones; Thomas Phelps; Delanie Ann Brown; Alexandra Castro; Raven M Goad; Melanie Ibarra-Herrera; Bo Salinas; Michelle Lalley

6. A Pilot Study to Establish Normative Data for a Neuropsychological Driving Evaluation
Author:Billie Clare Myers; Lawrence S Dilks; Brittany Mize; Burton Ashworth; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Kelsi Mcintyre; Ethel Jacko; Karlee Huff; Taryn Logan Sanders

7. Psychophysiological and Behavioral Evidence of Differences in Processing Stimuli During Online Shopping
Author:Anthony Martinez; Dana Byrd; Cassandra Gonzales

8. Responses and Latency of Chronic Pain Sufferers in an Approach-Avoidance Decision
Author:Tracy Walker Brown; Callie Brooke Bland; Amber Harris Bozer

9. The relationship between auditory sensory gating and the Big Five personality traits
Author:Abigail L Van Nuland; Lauren T Gaunt; Elizabeth Bucy; Rebecca Knoph; Carly A Yadon

10. The relationships among dispositional mindfulness, depressive thoughts and early sensory processing
Author:Kayla Kleinjan; Dallas Nicole Robinson; Cally Johanna Rolwes; Carly A Yadon

11. Inhibition of EEG Brain Activity in Chronic Pain Sufferers During Decision-Making
Author:Callie Brooke Bland; Tracy Walker Brown; Amber Harris Bozer

12. Montreal Cognitive Assessment Results: Right Versus Left Cerebral Hemisphere Lesions
Author:Billie Clare Myers; Burton Ashworth; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Lawrence S Dilks; Anthony Edward Jenkins; Kaitlyn Solice; DShawn Etienne; Candice Rousso; Katlyn Brown; Tierra Nelson

13. Laterality: Implications of Measuring Asymmetric Foot or Hand Preferences
Author:Jasmine Pitts; Gary R. Byrd

14. Is Activity Anorexia Really Anorexia? Group and Single-Subject Reversal Design Analyses
Author:Aimee Liz Rojas; Jennifer McGovern; Maidhili Tantravahi; Leticia Rodriguez; Aaron Gerardo Castillo; Cynthia Yaresy Ocanas; Frederick A Ernst

15. Influence of Age, Sex, and Temperament on Spatial Learning in Domestic Dogs
Author:Rebecca Showalter; Robert Polewan

16. Talking to Dogs: Does Working Change Language Use?
Author:Karen M Kostan

17. Vocalization Rates of Mantled Howler Monkeys and the Possible Informational Meanings
Author:Elizabeth Haseltine

18. Exploratory Behavior in the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Author:Justin R Lovett; Sarai Jazel Garcia; Nathan Sparkman

19. Alpha-glycerophosphocholine: An Effective Enhancer of Memory in Healthy Male Long-Evans Rats
Author:Shahera Taskeen Ranjha; Mark N Pernik; Jorge Andres Garza; Renee A Countryman

20. Brain Activity Associated with Emotional Reactivity and Musical Valence and Intensity
Author:Ashley Ford Ford

SWPA talk session: Sport Psychology
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Matthew Pickard

1. Grit, Industriousness, and Conscientiousness in Runners versus Non-Runners
Author:Matthew D Pickard; Art Gillaspy

2. Time to Huddle Up: Keeping Football Players in College
Author:Sean Alexander Bogle Jr.; Emily Braun; Hannah Lynn Spears; Tiffiny L. Sia

SWPA Symposium: Stress
Friday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Aaron Cassill

1. College Student Success: Getting them out the door, degree in hand!
Author:Aaron Cassill; Thomas Coyle; Stella G Lopez; Stephanie Silva; Mary Ellen McNaughton-Cassill; Carolyn Kuniko Cassill

Psi Chi Regional Research Award Session 2
Friday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Chair: Blythe Duell

1. Neuroticism is Associated with Poor Sleep Quality in College Students
Author:Andy Torres; Hyewon Kang

2. Gratitude as Psychological Immunization: Trust and Ostracism
Author:Savannah Cavender

3. Home school dissonance, grit, and academic achievement
Author:Sherrie Anne Sherrick; Hailey Marie Hardesty; Yaneth Garcia

4. Stress related eating is associated with body mass index in undergraduates
Author:Ysabel Hinojosa; Anna Karen Leija

SWToP Teaching Demo 1
Friday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Chair: Taylor Smith

1. Do you Jing? Effective use of communication technology to impact student learning
Author:Rachel Walker

2. Frequent Low-Stakes Testing Using Immediate Feedback to Engage General Psychology Students
Author:Scott Alan Hutchens

3. Respondus MONITOR: Recording students through their webcams during online exams
Author:Grant Benham

4. Introducing Statistics to New Students: Easing Anxiety and Increasing Interest
Author:Steven Michael Estrada; Gregory S Drury; Sarah Evelyn Pelfrey; Michael Rice

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Paul Piff
Friday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Chair: Kelly Henry

SCBNA Field trip to San Antonio Zoo (advanced reservations required)
Friday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Chair: Rachel Walker

SWToP Workshop 2
Friday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Chair: Adena Young-Jones

1. Diversity awareness activities: Enhancing acceptance and respect in the classroom
Author:Taylor Smith; Adena Young-Jones

Psi Chi Regional Research Award Session 3
Friday, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Chair: Marchelle Scarnier

1. The Effect of Brief Exercise on Intrinsic Motivation and Exam Performance
Author:Amber Renae Isaac

2. Personality and Gender: Grit Differences in Undergraduates
Author:Natalie Flaming; Isabella Rose Granato

3. Case Study: Benign Brain Tumor and Co-occurring Cerebral Vascular Accident
Author:Billie Clare Myers; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Lawrence S Dilks; Lindsey Robbins; Keir Cormier; Christopher N Wade; Burton Ashworth; Kia Danaye Sparks; Karlee Huff; Mi Pham

SWPA Poster Session: Clinical & Counseling
Friday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

1. 5 Point Profiles of Anger: Categories and Inter-rater Consensus
Author:Anna Callen; Miryam A Castilleja; Alejandra Santoyo; Ephrem Fernandez

2. Adolescent Depression Relationship to Tobacco and Alcohol Abuse
Author:Karlee Huff; Lindsey Robbins; Anthony Edward Jenkins; Burton Ashworth; Billie Clare Myers; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson

3. Adult Violence in the Home Relationship to Adolescent Delinquency
Author:Kaitlyn Solice; Ethel Jacko; Brittany Mize; Burton Ashworth; Billie Clare Myers; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson

4. Definitions of and Self-Identification as an “Anxious Person”
Author:Ian MacFarlane; Alana Maureen McLeod; Blair Margaret Whalen; Funmto Ogunbanwo; Aimi Hardy; Aaron Thomas; Matthew Bagley

5. Examining Facets of Perceived Muscle Tension Relating in General Anxiety Disorder
Author:Ashley Peck; Michael A Galvan; Sarah Jo David; Andrew Marshall; Gregory Mumma

6. Don't push the red button! Efficacy of biofeedback for impulsivity in adults.
Author:Olivia Rose Barton; Meggan L Archey; Sara Margaret Gardon; Kelly E. Green

7. Eating Disorder Psychopathology and Attitudes toward Negative Body Talk
Author:Genesis Aurora Bobadilla; Alison Rhodes; Andrea Bancroft; Neusha Khaleghi; Sarah Savoy; Jaqueline Miranda

8. Ego Resilience and Psychological Adjustment: The Mediating Role of the Self
Author:William E Kelly; Sohrab Sami; Donald W. Daughtry

9. Espiritismo and Curanderismo: Implications for Psychotherapy
Author:Peter G. Pardo, Jr.; Donald W. Daughtry

10. Finding Creative Ways to Meet Rural Mental Health Needs in West Texas
Author:John Eric Swenson III; Priscilla Salveraj; Emily Turner; Cassie Dennis; Allison Kuster; Kyle Kendall; Vivian Teoh

11. Intraindividual Context and Time of Day Effects on Obsessions and Compulsions
Author:Sarah Jo David; Gregory Mumma

12. Investigating secondary attachments: Sibling attachment and mental health
Author:Erin N Ramsey; Ronald W Wright

13. Investigating The Career Trajectory of Early Career Clinical Psychologists
Author:Taylor Lane Townsend

14. Mass Shootings in 21st Century America: The Role of Anger
Author:Krista C McManus; Tanya Aileen Herrera; Anna Callen; Tiffany Luo; Ephrem Fernandez

15. Differential Diagnosis Between Bipolar Disorder and Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
Author:Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Billie Clare Myers; Burton Ashworth

16. Response Styles Associated with Psychological Manifestations of Emptiness
Author:William E Kelly; Donald W. Daughtry

17. Self-Insight and Self-Compassion as Predictors of Dispositional Mindfulness
Author:Rick Harrington; Donald A. Loffredo; Catherine A. Perz

18. Social Support as a Moderator of Avoidant PTSD Symptoms
Author:Clark Ryan-Gonzalez; Eric Meyer; Nathan A Kimbrel; Sandra B. Morissette

19. The Relationship Between Alcohol Abuse and Violence Among 16 Year Olds
Author:Christopher N Wade; Tierra Nelson; Burton Ashworth; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Billie Clare Myers

20. Effect of Marijuana Use on College Campus Involvement & Satisfaction
Author:Mark N Pernik; Taylor Ryan; Ian MacFarlane

20. The Role of Mindfulness on Friendship Quality
Author:Sierra Fouts; Ashley Rankin; Jennifer Byrd-Craven

21. The Role of Social Support and Coping Skills in Helping Deported Salvadorans
Author:Charles Negy; Ralph Carlson

23. Caregiver Prenatal Alcohol Use Relationship to Childhood Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Author:Keir Cormier; Heather Nagler; Mi Pham; Burton Ashworth; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Billie Clare Myers

24. Problem Eating Behaviors and Binge Eating: Comparison of Baby Boomers and Millennials
Author:Raymond Clifford Hawkins

25. Alcohol, energy drinks and impulsivity among college-aged students: A qualitative interview approach
Author:Skylar Redlin; Anissa Eid; Jamie Borchardt

26. Discrimination mediates the relationship between depressive symptomatology and somatization in Mexican Americans
Author:Deborah Mangold

27. Investigation of Professors' Self-Efficacy in Assisting Students at Risk for Suicide
Author:Ashley Sylvara; Jon Mandracchia

28. Budgeted consistency: Perceived childhood income moderates how self-discrepancies affect suicidal ideation.
Author:J. Adam Randell; Jeffrey L Seger; Tabitha Kizzar; Haley S Cobb

29. Differences in Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness in Major Depressive Disorder
Author:Michael A Galvan; Ashley Peck; Sarah Jo David; Andrew Marshall; Gregory Mumma

30. Towards and Intergrated Theory of Suicide
Author:Marissa Nicole Sunderland; Jordan Conner Booth; Jon Mandracchia; Yen To

31. No Longer an Outsider: Affecting Rural Mental Health Stigma Through Community Involvement
Author:Ryan Smalley; Dave Provorse

32. Violence and the Acquired Capability for Suicide in Male Prisoners
Author:Ashley Sylvara; Addie Wikowsky; Kristen Lee Tieman; Jon Mandracchia

33. A Mortality Salience Examination of the Politics of Prejudice
Author:Alexander P. Darrell; Hanna Hefner; Cathy Cox

34. Mortality Salience Increases Death-thought Accessibility and Worldview Defense among BAP Individuals
Author:Katherine French; Hanna Hefner; Robert Britton Arrowood; Cathy Cox; Naomi Ekas

35. Alcohol, Depression, and Marriage Quality in Family Functioning of a Veteran Sample
Author:Mollie E Shin

36. Integration through Co-Education: Psychology on a Medical School Campus
Author:Chelsea C. Sheehan

SWPA talk session: Sexual Behavior 1
Friday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Chair: Melanie Schanke

1. The Impact of Alcohol Intoxication on Sexual Victimization Bystander Intervention
Author:Melanie Rose Schanke; Amy Lynn Brown

2. The Role of Privacy, Brand Labeling, and Cost on Condom Procurement
Author:Cristian Rivera; Amy Lynn Brown

3. Examining the Relationship Between Attachment Styles and Risky Sexual Behaviors
Author:Angelica Serrano; Emily A Farris

SWPA Symposium: Personality
Friday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Chair: Cherisse Flanagan

1. The Role of Fear of Failure in Achievement Motivation Among College Students
Author:Cherisse Y. Flanagan; Sierra Makani Villanueva; Jesse Luna; Kylie Richter; Kelsey Redmayne

SAMR Talk Session 2
Friday, 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM

1. A ridge regularized, generalized singular value decomposition for mixed data types
Author:Derek Beaton; Herve Abdi

2. R + OOM = Simulations: Evaluating OOM's PCC index using R
Author:Lisa Dirmeier Cota

3. Identifying Subgroups of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Correspondence Analysis to Examine First Impression Ratings
Author:Kerrianne Morrison; Daniel Faso; Noah Sasson

SWPA Graduate Competition
Friday, 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Chair: Scott Bailey

1. Mothers’ Gender Roles, Parenting Styles, and Their Children’s Risk-Taking
Author:Erin Wood

2. Both opinions matter: Measuring romantic partners' perception of jealousy
Author:Tiffany Marie Wierzbicki

3. Perceptions of Legal Status: Impact on Psychosocial Experiences among Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants
Author:Cory Lamoine Cobb

4. Applying an Empathy-Inducing Literature Intervention to Individuals High in Psychopathy
Author:Arianne Fisher

5. The Effects of Relationship Values and Commitment on Intimate Partner Violence
Author:Rebecca Arlene Thomas

SWToP Invited Speaker: Dr. Regan Gurung
Friday, 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Chair: Adena Young-Jones

Psi Chi / SWPA Showcase Poster Session
Friday, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

1. The Relationship between Imposterism and Self-Perception
Author:Emily Sanchez; Tessa Ann Thomas; Nathan Sparkman

2. A Meta-Analysis of Expressive Writing on Life Quality and Posttraumatic Growth
Author:Jeff Pavlacic

3. Impact of Relationship Priming on Self-Esteem and Self-Concept
Author:Summer Elizabeth Harvey; Jeff Pavlacic; Johnathan Sparks

4. Education’s Influence on Stigmas Associated with Veterans and Civilians with PTSD
Author:Amanda Nicole Welch

5. Is Emotional Attachment to One’s Dog Associated with Self-Perceived Stress?
Author:Linda Alejandra Torres; Monica Ramos

6. Relationship between Circumcision and Sexual Self-Efficacy
Author:Kirsten Tully; Bill J. Lammers

7. Is Perceived Knowledge about Depression related to Help-Seeking Intentions?
Author:Machael Cortez; Lauren E. Brewer

8. Get to Work!: Evaluating a Self-report Measure of Procrastination
Author:Kelli Nicole Wierzbicki

9. Swimming, swimming: The lateralized processing of mother’s position in beluga whale calves
Author:Amber Calvillo; Heather M Hill

10. Acute exercise assists in the retrieval of newly formed memories
Author:Gabrielle Elaine Thompson; Isabella Marie Sertuche; Angela M Sikorski; Brittani Trumble

11. The effects of Disney Princesses on gender role development
Author:Kamaria Davis; Sharon Eaves

12. Predictors of Relational Satisfaction
Author:Jallesse Reniaha Flores; Stephanie Marie Perez

13. The Inhibitory Effects of Neuroticism on Fitness-Relevant Processing
Author:Victoria Lynn Frazier; Tina Chapoy; Angela Clark

14. Gender Differences in Relation to Guilt and Shame Proneness and Forgiveness
Author:Bailey Elisabeth Lipscomb

15. Predicting Attitudes Towards Women Using Ideal Hook-Up Descriptions: A Linguistic Analysis
Author:Vivian Ta

16. Exploring the effect of multi-modal learning, memory, and brain activity
Author:Sydney Noelle Schoen; Patti Custer

17. Cyclothymic tendencies and locus of control as explained by Life History Theory
Author:Lauren Danielle Pixley; Kristine Joy Chua; Thomas Kristopher Franzmann; Amanda F Mitchener; Jennifer Byrd-Craven

19. Testing Competing Models of Two-Digit Number Representation: Decomposed Versus Holistic Processing
Author:Kristen Allie Bowman

20. The Effects of Screen Brightness on Reading Comprehension
Author:Thomas Pierick

21. Nintendo Wii Bowling as a Measure of Bilateral Transfer
Author:Katie Ebbrecht

22. Altered Hippocampus Dependent Memory and Cholinergic Function in Mice with Developmental Nicotine Exposure
Author:Kartheek Gavini

23. Conditional Mediation of the Relationship between Financial Stressors and Cognitive Performance
Author:Eileen Joy

24. Predicting Degree Goal and First-Generation Status Using Grit and Adaptability
Author:Dierdre Lynn Henley; Kim Callaway Gentry

SWPA Social & Silent Auction
Friday, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Psi Chi Advisor Breakfast
Saturday, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Chair: Shawn Charlton

SWPA talk session: Experimental 1
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

1. Disability-related Simulations and Student Perceptions
Author:Corey Robert Brooks; Jarret Wayne Thompson; Hannah Lynn Spears; Michael L. Czuchry

2. Race and Dialect Bias in Juror Decision Making
Author:Courtney Kurinec; Brittany N Nesbitt; Karenna Malavanti

3. Human Flight Initiation Distance (FID) from a Fictional Predator
Author:Karen M Kostan

SWPA talk session: Clinical 1
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Mary Baldwin

1. Implications of a Preliminary Study of Therapy for Sexually Abused Latina/o Children
Author:Mary J Baldwin; Karla Caballero

2. Assessing the Use of Movies to Counteract Misconceptions about Appropriate Therapist Conduct
Author:Christa Herrera; Patricia Owen

3. Perception of suicide risk among veterans.
Author:Ellie Becker; Jennifer Dyson

SWPA talk session: Social 4
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Sarah Pelfrey

1. How Anti-Fat Bias in the World of Harry Potter Affects Muggles
Author:Sarah Evelyn Pelfrey; Tessa Ann Thomas; Emily Sanchez; Margaret Anna Hance; Sarah Savoy

2. Identification with Nerds and Geeks from Two Perspectives
Author:Adam Ray; Stephen M Reysen; Natalia Assis; Andrew M. Tague; Thomas R Brooks; Daniel P Chadborn

3. The stripper and the villain: Stereotypical names shape human perception of attractiveness
Author:Meggan L Archey; Marcela Nicole Kunkel; Jennifer Penner; Raelynn Deaton Haynes

SWPA Symposium: Social
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Michael Czuchry

1. Why Can't We be Friends?: Interpersonal Processes and Outgroup Attitudes
Author:Belinda Williams; Lauren Coursey; Jubilee Dickson; Vivian Ta; Brock C Rozich; Hyewon Kang

SWPA Poster Session: Health
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

1. Active Aging: Exploring Experiences of Older Adults Participating in a Theatre Group
Author:Robin Nevin; Jeff E Harris

2. Attitudes and Culture
Author:Kelly Moran; Tracy Suares

3. Correcting Misconceptions about Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Empowering Nonsmokers to be Change Agents
Author:Alexis Blessing; Michael P Ryan

4. Correlates and Consequences of a Lack of Sleep
Author:Alexis C. Clayton; Lauren E. Brewer

5. Dietary Intake and Sleep: Examining the Link in Relation to College Students
Author:Nathalie Campsen; Andrea B Moreno; Walter Buboltz

6. Examining Factors Influencing Food Choice Among College Students
Author:Nathalie Campsen; Stephen Tyler Shockey; Walter Buboltz

7. Election 2016, Social Media, Stress, and Illness: A Large Multi-institution Study
Author:Dana C Leighton; Delora J. Everett; Megan Nicole Glass

8. Effects of Therapy Dogs on Mood States of College Students
Author:Scott Coleman; Angela Liegey Dougall

9. Refuting Drug-Product Misconceptions by Manipulating Selective Attention and Processing Strategy
Author:Michael P Ryan

10. Sleep Quality and Impulsivity in College Students
Author:Maria Eleonora Padilla; Evan L Zucker

11. Stress, Health, and Food Insecurity
Author:Diane Berry; Jennifer Mays; Melissa Rowl

12. The Relationship Between Energy Drinks and Sleep Quality
Author:Wade Williams; Michael Saunders; Walter Buboltz

13. Wellness for whom? Measuring a wellness intervention’s impact on different populations
Author:Kelly Bouas Henry; Wendy Basch

14. Perinatal Bereavement Photography: Nurses’ Perceptions
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Kelsie L Ramirez; Carolyn Cohen Lewis

15. Everyone's Bigger in Texas: Measuring Implicit Consumer Attitudes Toward Obesogenic Foods
Author:Shane Wolf Reader; Miguel A Moreno

16. Field Experiment of Hand-Washing Behavior
Author:Karishma Mendes

18. The Role of Parenting Style and Youth Self-efficacy in Mental Health Screening in Adolescents with Type I Diabetes
Author:Desiree Walisky; Kayla Cox

19. Co-Rumination and Social Support in Emerging Adulthood: Daily Hassles and Victimization
Author:Ashley Ann Taylor; Erin Boyd; Lauri Jensen-Campbell

20. Disseminating Stress Reduction Approaches Among Undergraduates
Author:Caroline Roberts; Diana Marie Cook; Kristina Harper; Jennifer Bui; Staci Schield; Steven Bistricky

21. Does creative art sessions benefit individuals under stress?
Author:Po Sen Chu

22. Emotion Regulation and Its Effect on Perceived Stress Levels
Author:Victoria Oberdick; James Kunz; Lauren E. Brewer

23. Financial burden, wellbeing, and parenting stress in mothers of children with ASD
Author:Yana Sharmatova Posey; Noriko Porter; Katherine Loveland

24. The Effects of Social Anxiety on Academic Performance
Author:Desiree Bowen; Kevin A. Harris

25. The Mediating Role of Stress Between Regret and Depression in College Students
Author:Rebecca Revilla; Cory Knight; Mary Ellen McNaughton-Cassill

26. Workload stressors among first-year faculty members
Author:Sophia Irene Stice; Jamie Borchardt

27. Effects of Stress on Reading Comprehension and Spatial-Temporal Reasoning
Author:Bryan Halsell; Kevin A. Harris

28. Evaluating Physicians through Ancient Eyes
Author:J. Adam Randell; Jeffrey L Seger; Marina Evette Brown; Jacob Jardel

29. Mindfulness Mobile Applications: The Impact on College Student Health and Well-Being
Author:Kelsey Moffitt; Angela Duncan

30. Parental Feedback in Sports: Effects on Children in Regards to Personality Traits
Author:Megan Bird; Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke

31. Perceptions of Crowding and Gym Equipment Use
Author:Shane Alexander Snyder; Cory Newell; Angela Liegey Dougall

32. Visual Focus and Sports Performance
Author:Carolina Alexa Orsi; Taylor Alan Todd; Devin M Stewart; Steven Michael Estrada

33. Concussions in Female Athletes
Author:Michele Cox Helfrich; Aardhra Meenakshi Venkatachalam; Benjamin Christopher Raphael Thomas

34. Resiliency in Wheelchair and Able-bodied College Athletes
Author:Cory Newell; Pooja Mallipaddi; Daniel Tebbe; Angela Liegey Dougall

35. Academic Success Differences between Athletes and Non-Athletes
Author:Katie McIntyre

SWPA talk session: Neuropsychology
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Don Lucas

1. Testing the Kiki/Bouba Effect in the Absence of a Consistent Environment
Author:Tashe Pecev; Don Lucas

2. Failure Rates among Non-clinical, Bilingual, Mexican Americans on Neuropsychological Effort Measures
Author:Marlene Orta; Mauricio Yanez; Arnoldo Amador; Amy A Weimer; Philip G Gasquoine

3. Behavioral & Electrophysiological Profile of Chronic Pain Sufferers during Approach-Avoidance Decision-Making
Author:Amber Harris Bozer; Callie Brooke Bland; Tracy Walker Brown

SWToP Workshop 3
Saturday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Chair: Adena Young-Jones

1. Addressing Diversity in the Classroom: Do Your Students Fit In or Stand Out?
Author:Anna Ropp

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Kip Williams
Saturday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Kelly Henry

SWToP Teaching Demo 2
Saturday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Drew Curtis

1. Splash and Dash: A Fun and Engaging Teaching Demonstration of Eyewitness Identification
Author:Scott Alan Hutchens

2. Creative problem solving and cognition
Author:Bethany Fleck

3. Myths of “Crazy” Teaching about Myths in Abnormal Psychology
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Leslie Kelley

Psi Chi Graduate School Q&A Session
Saturday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Marchelle Scarnier

SCBNA Paper Session I
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Heather Hill

1. Responses to Object Familiarity by Belugas, Bottlenose Dolphins, & Pacific White-Sided Dolphins
Author:Sara Guarino

2. Responses to Familiar and Unfamiliar Humans by Three Species of Cetaceans
Author:Sarah Elizabeth Gallup; Deirdre Yeater; Sara Guarino; Stan A Kuczaj; Heather M Hill

3. Individual variability in gaze duration by three cetacean species for (un)familiar humans/objects
Author:Heather M Hill; Deirdre Yeater; Sara Guarino; Sarah Elizabeth Gallup

Psi Chi Invited Speaker: Dr. Robert Emmons
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

SWToP Talk Session 2
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Chair: Kristi Moore

1. Bridging the Gap Between Understanding and Belief
Author:Richard L Miller; Tyler Collette

2. Principles of Effective Experiential Learning: Conflict in the Classroom.
Author:David L Carlston

3. Student effort: Give them more and they might do less
Author:Rani Solomon; Michael Rice; Steven Michael Estrada; Lora L Jacobi

4. First Day Teaching Demonstrations
Author:Kristi Moore; Drew A. Curtis; Cody Matthew Good

5. The Failures and Successes of an Online Professor
Author:Raquel Henry

SWPA Poster Session: General Experimental
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

1. Academic Entitlement Related to Student's​​ Views of College Professors as Service Providers​
Author:Liliana Salazar; Priya A. Eimerbrink

2. Am I Dirty?: Disgust and Shame
Author:Brittany Sears; Stephanie Sowers; Danielle Marie Kelly; Alexis Diano Sikorski; John A Terrizzi, Jr.

3. Anxiety Levels in Young Adults with Siblings with Special Needs
Author:Reagan Elaine Cox; Crystal Kreitler

4. Creativity, Flow, Activity Enjoyment, and Anxiety After Coloring Mandalas or Reading Magazines
Author:Rachel Petersen; Vanessa M Hajek; Rachel Rohleder; Henry Wijata; Cathy A. Grover

5. Gender Differentiation in Perceptions of Domestic Violence
Author:Brandi N Washington

6. Hindsight Bias and Kubany's Model of Trauma-Related Guilt
Author:Bailey Hart; Charlene Hatton; Abigail L Van Nuland

7. Perceived Aggressive Tendencies and Functional Attitudes Towards Various Breeds of Dogs
Author:Elizabeth Marie Briones; Philip Marshall

8. Social media use and its correlation with quality of life
Author:Amanda Armendarez

9. Student Veterans and Major Choice: Preliminarily Identifying Patterns and Exploring Their Implications
Author:Amy Elizabeth Hufstedler; Darshon Anderson

10. The Destabilizing Effect of Outcome Information on Task Judgments
Author:Charlene Hatton; Bailey Hart; Abigail L Van Nuland

11. The Elusive Effects of Ego Depletion: Replicating and Extending Initial Research
Author:Lexus LeAnn Raney; Sara Dyslin; Lindsay Kennedy

12. The Relationship between Cynicism and Vigor
Author:Amanda R Faggard; Randall E. Osborne

13. The Virtue of Nonsense: The Effect of Novelty on Happiness
Author:Eli Barclay

14. Jump Out of Your Seat: Startle Response and Horror Movies
Author:Kallie Weaver; Christian L. Hart

15. Don’t Fear the Puppy: Can Scary Music Affect Perceptions of Puppies?
Author:Gilbert J. Garza; Brittany Landrum

16. Investing in the future explains why long-term partners are preferred
Author:Thomas Kristopher Franzmann; Kristine Joy Chua; Lauren Danielle Pixley; Amanda F Mitchener; Jennifer Byrd-Craven

17. The Effects of Controller Type and Driver Perspective on Flow
Author:Thomas Jared York

18. Learning from the Lab: The Testing Effect and Transfer of Learning
Author:Joseph Pirozzolo; Noor ul Aien Baweja; Viena Tram Cao; Justin Lyman Langford; Eden Obomeghie; Hoang Tran; Christopher Wong

19. The Effects of Awe on Optimism Using Virtual Reality
Author:William Gardner; Ken Sobel

20. Attitudes Towards Mental Illness compared to Religious Commitment: A Quantitative Study
Author:Brennan Foster; David P McAnulty

21. The Task-Switch Paradigm-Cognitive/Physical Effects of Distractor Onset versus Frequency
Author:Sarah Struck Downen; John Francis Geiger

22. Visual search for colors and color words generates a reverse Stroop effect
Author:Alxandr Kane York

23. Goal multiplicity: Dynamic Structure of Inter-goal Relationship and Goal-means Linkage
Author:Weixing Ford

24. The Effect of Facebook Use on Body Image
Author:Elizabeth Duffy

25. Effect of Number and Type of Objects in a Scene on Recall
Author:Sadie Flood

26. Do Men Prefer Smart Women?
Author:Colin Broussard

27. Effects of Gender Attitude and Stereotype Threat on Women's Intelligence
Author:Beth Forst

28. Differential Effects of Study Break Activities on Visual Learning
Author:Jayme Burris; Janna M Alvarez

29. Perceptions of Environment Through Light and Movement in Transient Depersonalization-Derealization
Author:Catherine Stallard

30. The Impact of Face Shape on Perceived Trustworthiness of Individuals.
Author:Taylor Winkler

31. Can cognition influence perception?
Author:Taylor Dale Dague

32. An Eye Tracking Examination of Male Attractiveness by Conceptive Risk Females
Author:Seven Eduardo Flores; Ray Garza

33. Sexual minorities & higher education: Exploring ways to increase acceptance
Author:Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke; Faith Burdine; Gabriela Hernandez; Megan Bird

34. A Bayesian perspective on the operator preview paradigm in mental arithmetic
Author:Tom Faulkenberry; Julia Wood

35. Lonely people have poorer sleep and more stress
Author:Hyewon Kang; Andy Torres

SWPA talk session: Community Psychology
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Rachel Amerson

1. Male Perceptions of the Presence of Abuse in Relationships
Author:Rachel Amerson; Catherine Pearte

2. Mapping Mental Health Services: A Collaborative Analysis Using Geographical Information Systems
Author:Carolyn S. Turner; Melanie Reed; Mary Pogue; Alexus Cordova

3. Returning to Abusive Relationships: Related and Predictive Factors
Author:Rachel Swadley; Erin M Buchanan; Paul Deal; Steven C. Capps

SWPA Symposium: Stress 2
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Jennifer Bonds-Raacke

1. Be Calm and Meditate: Stress-Reduction through the Practice of Mindfulness
Author:Jennifer M. Bonds-Raacke; Whitney Jeter; Brooke M. Mann; Megan Bird

SWPA Workshop: Social
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Drew Curtis and Chelsea Dickens

1. Myth Busting: Beliefs and Attitudes toward Deception
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Chelsea Dickens

SAMR Invited Speaker
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

SWPA State Symposium: Arkansas
Saturday, 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Darshon Anderson

Psi Chi Discussion with Robert Emmons
Saturday, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

SWPA Symposium: Clinical & Counseling
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Lawrence Dilks

1. How to Successfully Gain Admission to a Doctoral Program in Applied Psychology
Author:Lawrence S Dilks; Lawrence S Dilks; Burton Ashworth; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Billie Clare Myers

SWPA talk session: Cross Cultural & Ethnicity
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Elizabeth Melles

1. Breaking Down Barriers: How a Childhood Spent Abroad Impacts Levels of Prejudice
Author:Elizabeth A. Melles

2. Examining MMPI-2-RF Profiles of Native American Bariatric Surgery Candidates
Author:Mara Demuth; Devon Sue Isaacs; Brady Garrett; TK Kominsky

3. The Influence of Mug Shot and Ethnicity on Perceptions of Guilt
Author:Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia

SWPA Poster Session: Social 2
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Cultivating an Ethic of Care: Students Learning from Professors Outside their Culture
Author:Karin Ann Lewis; Jacqueline B Koonce

1. Body Satisfaction, Activity and the Use of Online Dating Services
Author:Neusha Khaleghi; Andrew Schwarzkopf; Nathan Sparkman

2. Call me Caroline | First names influence interpersonal judgment through mere-exposure effect
Author:Raelynn Deaton Haynes; Meggan L Archey; Allison Moujaes; Katherine L Goldey

3. Consumerism’s Relationships with College Self-Efficacy and College Commitment
Author:Stefanie Boswell

4. Development of the General Lie Scale
Author:Jelisa Jones; Christian L. Hart

5. Effect of Confrontation on Implicit Anti-Interracial Dating Bias
Author:Bryan Martinez; Sarah Savoy; Lauren E. Brewer

6. Emotion and perceptions of control
Author:Timothy Lewis Jordan; Lauren E. Brewer

7. Expletives Galore: Self-Control as a Predictor of Profanity Use
Author:Hayden L. Holmes; Lauren E. Brewer; Kyle E. Conlon

8. Gender and the Presidential Debates: An Analysis of CNN Print Documents
Author:Shirley M. Ogletree; Elva Chavez; Kendyl Hernandez; Ogechi Favour Okafor; Imani Thomas

9. Gender Differences in Life Satisfaction and Coping Strategies among College Students
Author:Jorge Pena; Stella G Lopez; Stephanie Silva; Mary Ellen McNaughton-Cassill

10. Gender, Major, Social Media, and Body Image
Author:Emily MacDougall; Isela Ruiz; Brianna Nicole Holcomb; Yi Shao

11. Honors, Anxiety, and Parenting Styles
Author:Sarah Evelyn Pelfrey; Neusha Khaleghi; Sarah Savoy

12. Influences of Irrational Beliefs, Gender, and First-generation Status on Performance Anxiety
Author:Stephanie Silva; Mary Ellen McNaughton-Cassill; Stella G Lopez; Jorge Pena

13. Information, Need to Belong, and Education Affect Persuasion in Multi-Level Marketing
Author:Robert D Mather; Heather Sherwood; Olivia Breann Sharp

14. Is being in love a socially acceptable neurosis?: An impression formation study
Author:Wayne Wilkinson

15. Let go to fight better: Forgiveness helps couples have relationship-strengthening conflicts
Author:Misha Hemantkumar Mehta; Sining Wu; Julie Anna Biemer; Karen J Prager; Helen Shi; Sydney Chipman; Jesse W Poucher; Forouz Shirvani

16. LOL, ILY: The Effects of Textspeak and Gender on Dating Profile Perceptions
Author:Marissa Nichole Rosa; Brooke Alexis Swift; Helena Lorenz; Traci A Giuliano

17. Men as Fathers: A Content Analysis of Father’s Day Advertisements
Author:Aaron Taylor Bonnette; Shirley M. Ogletree

18. Right-wing-authoritarianism, populism, and mistrust of experts
Author:Po Sen Chu

19. Scarcity's effects on behavioral intentions: "Click, Whirr" tells only half the story
Author:Joshua Jorg Guyer

20. Sense of Power and Substance Abuse Stigma
Author:Mikaela Kathleen Cloyd; Lauren E. Brewer; James Kunz

21. Testing the Sexualized-Body-Inversion Hypothesis
Author:Kelsey L. Nichols; Edythe Kirk

22. The Death of Civil Discourse: Anonymity and Cyberbullying on YikYak
Author:Emily Braun; Hannah Lynn Spears; Sean Alexander Bogle Jr.; Tiffiny L. Sia

23. Home's Just a Phone Away: Cell Phone Presence's Impact on Pain Experiences
Author:Marc Andrew Sestir; Lindsay Kennedy

24. Men with a Purse: Heteronormativity and Helping Behavior
Author:Julian Campos Gomez; Jarret Wayne Thompson; Christine Jaecks; Colin Campbell; Tiffiny L. Sia

25. Millennial Generation, is Love Everlasting?
Author:Allison Berry; Charlotte Sullivan; Regina Trevino; Amy K Dicke-Bohmann

26. Must Love Dogs: The Effect of an Animal in a Tinder Profile
Author:Jami Sanborn

27. Juror Perceptions of Psychopathy in White-Collar Criminal Cases
Author:Arianne Fisher; Chelsea Wheeler; Andrea N. Jamiel

28. The Effect of Emotion Suppression on Law Enforcement Officers' Decision-Making Process
Author:Chelsea Marcotte; Arianne Fisher; Andrea N. Jamiel

29. The Effect of Characteristics on the Assignment of Internal and External Attributions
Author:Trisha DeAnn Flournoy; Randall E. Osborne

30. How Implicit Attitudes Affect Perceptions of Crime
Author:Cassidy Van Trease; Randall E. Osborne

31. Student Perspectives and their Relation to Sexually Aggressive Attitudes and Beliefs
Author:Stacey Kerr; Lauren E. Brewer

32. Students' Perceptions of the Opposite Gender: Condom Use and Safe Sex Responsibility
Author:Raven Noelle Douglas; Nadia Rasha Khansa; Cristian Rivera; Amy Lynn Brown

33. Exploration into the Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Sex Education.
Author:Meagan Kay Lindamood; Macy Jo Maxwell

35. Understanding the Interplay between Affect, Moral Beliefs, and Risk Perception
Author:Skylar M Brannon

36. How prior beliefs effect hindsight bias
Author:Abigail L Van Nuland

SWPA talk session: Cognitive 3
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Stephen Walenchok

1. Examining Confirmatory Strategies in Visual Search: Prevalence learning counteracts confirmation bias
Author:Stephen C Walenchok; Stephen D Goldinger; Michael Craig Hout

2. The Effects of Lighting on Facial Recognition
Author:Starla Blake; Dawn R Weatherford; James Ottoson; Shannon Freasier; Robert Ramos

3. The Influence of Featural and Configural Changes on Cross-Race Facial Identification
Author:Mary Ellen Walker; Dawn R Weatherford; Jasmyne Thomas; Danica Farias; Haidee Salazar

SWPA Talk Session: Social 7
Saturday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

1. Perceptions of Male and Female Selfies.
Author:Taryn Willms-Persichetti; Erica Watson; Jennifer Dyson

2. Understanding the Constructs behind the Privacy Paradox
Author:Caitlyn Nicole Carey; Marcel Satsky Kerr

3. Essentialism Exhibited by University Faculty and Staff
Author:Tyler Collette; Richard L Miller; William McClendon

SCBNA Symposium: Comparative and Behavioral Neuroscience Association: Update on Recent Research, Inf
Saturday, 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Chair: Nathan Sparkman

SWPA talk session: Social 6
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Ethan Dahl

1. A Social Psychological Perspective of the 2016 Democratic and Republican National Conventions
Author:Ethan Dahl; Kimberly Schweitzer; Karlee Provenza; Victoria Estrada-Reynolds; Narina Nunez

2. The influence of confession specificity and issue intensity on stealing thunder
Author:Joshua Jorg Guyer

3. Thinking Alone: The Effect of Extrapolation and Education on Attitude Radicalization
Author:Christopher James Holland; Nicholas William Jones; Charles G. Lord

SWPA talk session: Sexual Behavior 2
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Vincent Padilla

1. College Student's Attitudes on Intimate Relationships: Sex, Commitment, and Involvement
Author:Vincent C. Padilla; Shelby Leigh Lipschuetz; Shirley M. Ogletree

2. Measuring Sex, Gender, and Orientation on a True Continuum
Author:Don Lucas; Zachary Hanich; Alex P Gurian; Scott E Lee; Anthony Sanchez

3. A Sexual Vocabulary Test: How Much Do We Really Know about Sex?
Author:Don Lucas; Jennifer Fox; Gerona Nylander; Matthew Wheeler; Callie Rebecca Roberts

SWPA Symposium: History & Philosophy
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Chair: Edward Kardas

1. Prehistoric psychology: How ancient religion and hunter-gathering contributes to our understanding
Author:Edward P. Kardas; Edward P. Kardas; Tracy B Henley; Matt Joseph Rossano

SWPA talk session: Industrial/Organizational
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

1. Examining the relationship between group size and group interactions on performance
Author:Belinda Williams; Ryan Gertner; Lauren Coursey; Jubilee Dickson; Paul Paulus; Jared Kenworthy

2. Computerized Immediate Feedback increases Recall Efficiency due to Interlocking Contingencies in Manufacturing
Author:David Goomas

3. Online Training and the Learner’s Perspective: Bridging the Gap
Author:Taylor Layne Cody; Felicia Cruz; Cody Brent Cox

SWToP / SWPA Poster Session
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

1. Cross cultural contemplation: An examination of mindfulness and basic needs satisfaction
Author:Austin Gordon; Megan Bryanna Culp; Shannon Hayden; Adena Young-Jones

2. Get in the Zone: Teachers' Understanding of Learning, ZPD and Scaffolding
Author:Emily Finney; Kaia Christofferson

3. Invariant Effects of Nomophobia on Mindfulness, Obsessiveness, and Student Learning
Author:Seungyeon Lee; Myeong Kim; Min Sung Kim; Ian M McDonough

4. Overcoming stereotypes: Achieving student success with perceived social support
Author:Kimberly Janette Koch; Sydney Young; Taylor Smith; Adena Young-Jones

5. Relationship between Classroom Community and Student-Instructor Rapport
Author:Bill J. Lammers; Tara Dyer; Misti Heffington; Holly Hull

6. Relationship between Out-of-Class Communication and Student-Instructor Rapport
Author:Bill J. Lammers; Alexandria Pogue; Nancy Cheng; Brittany Humphrey

7. Role-playing activities: The good, the bad, and the stigma
Author:Megan Joy Drew; John Melone; Taylor Smith; Adena Young-Jones

8. Test anxiety: An examination of expressive free writing and mindfulness meditation practices
Author:Shannon Hayden; Elizabeth Mozelle DeLong; Austin Gordon; Zoe Ellis; Taylor Smith; Adena Young-Jones

9. Facebook and Self Disclosure: A Collaborative Replication in Education Project
Author:Delora J. Everett; Megan Nicole Glass; Dana C Leighton

10. Prior Knowledge about an Instructor Predicts Student-Instructor Rapport
Author:Bill J. Lammers; Caitlin Ellis; Corri Hunt; Kaitlin Heaps

11. Development and Evaluation of a First Year Orientation for Psychology Majors
Author:Liza Veliz

12. The Effective Use of the Inclusion Classroom Walk Through Check Sheet
Author:Victoria Zascavage

13. An Investigation of Low-Stakes Versus High-Stakes Testing Using Immediate Feedback
Author:Scott Alan Hutchens; Dusty Dawn Jenkins

14. GRE Exam Preparation: Support Students by Teaching a Course
Author:John P. Gomez

15. Hot Dog! A Therapy Dog and Test Performance Improvements
Author:Rene Dominguez; Hannah Lynn Spears; Ashley Alyse Wysong; Robin Bisha; Tiffiny L. Sia

16. Using Pseudoscience to Improve Introductory Psychology Students’ Information Literacy
Author:Tim Lawson; Maria Brown

17. In My Head and Not Yours: Next-In-Line Effect for Therapists
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Chelsea Dickens; Kelsey Paige Blauser; Alexandra Robles Robles; Jeffrey Goodman

18. Maybe them but not me: Demonstrating the self-serving bias
Author:Lisa K. Lockhart

19. Analysis of Disability Accommodations Statements in STP’s Project Syllabus Syllabi
Author:Stefanie Boswell; Christopher Joseph Gonzaba; Antoinette King

21. Prevalence of Applied Experience Courses in Baccalaureate Institutions’ Psychology Curricula
Author:Ian MacFarlane; Matthew Bagley; Aaron Thomas; Blair Margaret Whalen; Aimi Hardy; Kennedy Mazara

21. Student-Teacher Rapport Moderates the Relationship between Course Difficulty and Academic Dishonesty
Author:Phoebe Strell; Payton Madison Petruchuis; Allison Bjork; Nora Bosslet

22. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Correlates of FGCS Retention
Author:Hunter Brooke Harwood; Ian Pratt

Psi Chi Bachelor's Degree Carreers Q&A
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

SWPA State Symposium: Kansas
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Chair: Cynthia Turk

SAMR Workshop 1
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Chair: Derek Beaton

1. An introduction to R
Author:Derek Beaton

SCBNA Paper Session II
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Chair: Perry Fuchs

1. Socio-Sexual Behavior in Captive Beluga Whales (Delphinapterus leucas) at Two Years
Author:Paloma Nikol Silva; Heather M Hill

2. The Mouth Game: A Social Developmental Milestone in Beluga Calves?
Author:Heather M Hill; Magdalena Banda

3. Reliability Assessment of a Rat Model for Placebo Analgesia
Author:Steven Troy Brewer; Jeffrey Goodman

4. Assessing age differences in multiple pain behavior assessments
Author:Celina Salcido; Maxine Geltmeier; Perry Fuchs

Psi Chi Diversity Speaker: Dr. Kecia Thomas
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Kathi Miner
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Chair: Kelly Henry

SWToP Workshop 4
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Chair: Amy Dicke-Bohmann

1. Conducting a Middle School Psychology Day Camp: Lessons Learned
Author:Amy K Dicke-Bohmann; Stephanie M. K. Loalada; Tina Chapoy

SAMR Workshop 2
Saturday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

1. Psychometrics in R

Psi Chi Disussion with Kecia Thomas
Saturday, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

SWPA State Symposium: Oklahoma
Saturday, 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM
Chair: Sharon Roberts

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Joel Shenker
Saturday, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Chair: Kelly Henry

SWToP Symposium
Saturday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Chair: Taylor Smith

1. Diversity, Teaching, and Scholarship in Changing and Challenging Times
Author:Victoria Mosack; Peter L Kranz; Robert Paul Sale; Cynthia Wimberly; Victoria Mosack

SWPA Presidential Address & Awards
Saturday, 4:45 PM - 6:00 PM
Chair: Kelly Henry

SWPA Symposium: Clinical 2
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Burton Ashworth

1. The Changing Environment in Obtaining a Doctoral Internship
Author:Burton Ashworth; Burton Ashworth; Kimberly S. Hutchinson; Lawrence S Dilks; Billie Clare Myers

SWPA Poster Session: Personality
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM

1. Academic Self-Regulation, Mindset, and Happiness in Community College Students
Author:Alan Alberto Rivera; Jazem Omar I. Saripada; Magesty Ismyana; Katherine N Wickes; Shaan Syed Shahabuddin

2. Association of MBTI type preferences with coping behaviors/quality of life domains
Author:Tara Chace; Raymond Clifford Hawkins

3. Effects of Study Abroad Participation upon Selected Personality Measures
Author:Olivia King; Anthony E. Bourgeois; Arnold Dallas LeUnes; Shane L Hudson; Kayla Bull

4. Group Differences and Predictors of Grit Among First Generation and Traditional Students
Author:Carina Emely Tlapanco

5. I'll Do Anything. The relationship between relationship contingent self-worth and conflict.
Author:Jesse W Poucher; Julie Anna Biemer; Forouz Shirvani; Karen J Prager

6. Inconsistent Handedness is Associated with Strong Beliefs in Generic Conspiracies
Author:Stephen Prunier; Eric Charles Prichard

7. Jung's psychological types theory: Dimensions of personality in the role playing experience
Author:Josh Weddle

8. Makeup insecurity and components of personality: Direct or indirect relationships?
Author:Kaila Bellinghausen

9. Moral Influences Scale: Structural and Content Validation
Author:Stephen D. Berry

10. Narcissism in Undergraduate Leaders
Author:Carlos Hugo Razuri Barandiaran; Carl W. Scott

11. No Means Maybe: Rape Myth Acceptance and the Dark Tetrad
Author:Diamon Bradden; Jessie Doege; Grace Lim; Corynn Martin

12. Parenting Styles Related to Academic Achievement and Well-Being
Author:Mia Kennedy; Carl W. Scott

13. Perceptions of Masculinity
Author:Azlin M Saldivar; Ian MacFarlane

14. Personality as Determinants of Art Preference
Author:Chandler Lee-Ann Bowersox; Arnold Dallas LeUnes; Anthony E. Bourgeois; Shane L Hudson

15. Sharing and Perfectionism: The relationship between social discounting and measures of perfectionism
Author:Katherine Wainwright; Paul Romanowich

16. Social Media and Personality: The Dark Triad and Media Use.
Author:Matthew Evan Smith; Kyna Lee Westbury; Taylor Beth Westbury; Frank Andrew Quintana; Matthew Robert Swanson; Shaan Syed Shahabuddin; Katherine N Wickes

17. Social Media, Procrastination and Grit in Commuinity College Students
Author:Alan Alberto Rivera; Jazem Omar I. Saripada; Magesty Ismyana; Derrick Perez; Katherine N Wickes; Shaan Syed Shahabuddin

18. Task Avoidant Procrastination: Perhaps a Product of Impulsivity Rather than Sociability
Author:Luz-Eugenia Cox-Fuenzalida; Andrea Vincent; Erin Freeman; Madison Beneda-Bender

19. Tattoo Visibility and Personality
Author:Rachel Amerson; Nathan Sparkman

20. The effects of self-disclosure avoidance and gender on perceptions of emotional vulnerability
Author:Caitlyn Collins; Tori Lynne Strunk; Ian MacFarlane

21. Hot-Button/ Social Issues: Personality Predictors In a College Student Sample
Author:Holley Whorley; Arnold Dallas LeUnes; Anthony E. Bourgeois; Shane L Hudson

22. Personality and Deceptive Tendencies
Author:Christian L. Hart; Haylie Dawn Jones; Marijo Medina Villano; Brenda Kaye Pointer

23. The Elusive Relationships between Loneliness, Internalized Morality and Television Viewership
Author:Rebecca Collins; Hernan Armando Escobar; Nathan Sparkman

24. The Relationship between Imposterism and Self-Perception
Author:Emily Sanchez; Tessa Ann Thomas; Nathan Sparkman

25. The Relationship between Pet Ownership, Pet Exposure, Empathy, and Personality among Students
Author:Ynez Soriano; Kevin A. Harris

26. The Relationship Between Procrastination and Self-control
Author:James Kunz; Michael Rice; Nathan Sparkman

27. The Relationship between the Big Five and App Usage
Author:Rachel Amerson; Nathan Sparkman

28. Understanding Outcomes of Traumatic Experiences: Roles of Neuroticism and Coping
Author:Elizabeth Peters

29. Why Wasn’t I Invited?: Fear of Missing Out and Social Media
Author:Kaitlyn Hoffman; Taylor Hoffman; R. Madi Seawright; Lareina Yap

30. Manipulating Abortion Attitudes through a Religiously Motivated Induced Hypocrisy Paradigm
Author:Kristopher Nichols; Lauren E. Brewer

31. Do Self-handicapping, Perfectionism, and Individualism contribute to Hispanics' SAT performance
Author:Brittany P Pierdolla; Brenda Ann Marie Hannon

32. Latino Immigrant Youths' Attitudes toward Cultural Diversity
Author:Charles Negy

33. Perceptions of Polyamory vs. Monogamy Replication Study
Author:Chelsea Rae Smith; Matthew Bagley; Ian MacFarlane

34. Travel Regulations Assessment and Personality
Author:M. Cristina Ramos Molina; Lauren E. Brewer; James Kunz

35. Exploring the Relationship between Grandparent Support, Social Support, and Native American Acculturation
Author:Elisabeth Ponce-Garcia; Shaun Isaac Calix; Brittany Lynn Turner; Leanne Perales

36. Psychology Education at Nanzan University
Author:Blair Margaret Whalen

SWPA talk session: Developmental
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Kendall Pasko

1. Color-coded Gender Preference in Children's Cartoons
Author:Kendall Pasko

SWPA talk session: Cognitive 4
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Zixian Chai

1. Artificial Grammar Learning and Formal Language Theory
Author:Zixian Chai; Henry Gorman

2. Average Readers are Not Average
Author:Brenda Ann Marie Hannon

SWPA talk session: Social 5
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Chair: Mouj Saheb

1. A Desire for Status as Related to College Course Selection
Author:Matthew Hand; Mouj Mahdi Saheb

2. The Materialistic and Authentic Motivations of Academic Commitment
Author:Manuel Galvan

3. The Effects of Velocity-Based Feedback on Intrinsic Motivation
Author:Elizabeth Parks Aronson; Jeremy Shelton; Edythe Kirk

Psi Chi Session: Mentoring Undergraduate Students: Best Practices
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

SWToP Business Meeting
Sunday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Chair: Adena Young-Jones

SWToP Workshop 5
Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Dusty Jenkins

1. The Mentor and Mentee Relationship: A Personal Investment
Author:Brittany Rae Cheater; Katina D. Harris

SWPA Invited Speaker: Dr. Bob Morgan
Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Chair: Kelly Henry

Psi Chi Session: Research: Best Practices
Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Psi Chi Leadership Panel
Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

SWPA talk session: Addiction & Crime
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Curt Carlson

1. Effects of Acute and Chronic Doses of Methamphetamine or Methylphenidate on Anxiety
Author:Fay Allison Guarraci; Marcela Nicole Kunkel; Jessica Boyette-Davis

2. Prison-based substance use treatment program engagement and recidivism: a survival analysis
Author:Thomas Blue; Wayne E.K. Lehman

3. The Impact of Concealment and Crime Duration on the Weapon Focus Effect
Author:Curt A. Carlson; Maria Carlson; Dawn R Weatherford; Jennifer Gibson Dias; David Eugene Young; Jane Elizabeth Bednarz; Alyssa R. Jones

SWPA talk session: Health Psychology
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Tom Kaiser

1. The Relationship between Nutritional Habits and Academic Performance in College Students
Author:Tom J Kaiser

2. Test Anxiety, Mood, and Health
Author:Marion Elizabeth Blake

3. Feasibility of Behavioral Interventions for Obesity in Outpatient Primary Care
Author:David L Carlston; Adil Ahmed; Tania Khan; Jonathan Williams

SWPA talk session: Measurement / Quantitative
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

1. Progress Monitoring: Meeting the Unique Educational Needs of Students
Author:Kathleen Garner Winterman; Clarissa E Rosas

2. Research Experience Makes a Difference in Undergraduate Research Self-Efficacy
Author:Antonio Gonzalez III; Heather M Hill; Jennifer Zwahr-Castro

3. Association Between ACT Aspire Scores, Gender, Ethnicity, and Band Participation
Author:Lorianne Graves

SWPA talk session: Cognitive 5
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Alundra Dickson

1. Exploring the Costs and Benefits of Poor Cognitive Control in Old Age
Author:Alundra Dickson; Amy Crump; Ruthann Thomas

2. Relations of Cognitive Tasks and Metacognitive Processes in a Multitrial Spatial Task
Author:Lacy Elise Krueger

3. Framing Effects and Eye-Tracking: A Fuzzy-Trace Theory Approach
Author:Kristopher Nichols; Daniel Aaron Harmon; Cheyenne Nicole Wood; Steven Michael Estrada

SWPA talk session: Industrial/Organizational 2
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Chair: Jonali Baruah

1. The Role of Focus in Brainstorming: How Refinement of Ideas Enhance Creativity?
Author:Jonali Baruah; Alyssa A Austin

2. Is the Grass Really Greener: A Turnover Analysis of Boomerang Employees
Author:Suzanne M Booth-LeDoux; Jared LeDoux; Louis Champagne

3. Stress in a first year faculty cohort in higher education
Author:Jamie Borchardt; Amber Harris Bozer

SWPA Poster Session: Social 3
Sunday, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

1. Perceived social support from instructors and academic performance
Author:Po Sen Chu

2. Perceptions of Sexism
Author:Cassandra Serena Velazquez; Srijana Shrestha

3. Political Views of Millennials
Author:Edythe Kirk

4. Women in Film: Themes and Implications
Author:Madison Hastings; Amanda M Johnston

5. The Effect of a Dog on Aggression and Empathy following Social Exclusion
Author:Brooke Bugni; Sylvia Middlebrook; Sarah Savoy; Robert Polewan

6. The Effect of Ego Depletion on the Presentation of Nonverbal Deception Cues
Author:Maxwell Taylor Smith

7. The Effect of Stereotype Threat on Native American Students
Author:Kendra Day; Blythe Duell

8. The Effects of Mortality Salience on Parental Response
Author:Mike Kersten; Jill Hoffman; Paulina Mozo; Cathy Cox

9. The Halo Effect on Job Applicant Personality Traits
Author:James Kunz; Lauren E. Brewer

10. The Politics of Nostalgia: An Examination of Political Nostalgia
Author:Alexander P. Darrell; Katherine French; Cathy Cox

11. Ungrateful or simply Unable? Self-control depletion affects gratitude expression among males
Author:Kennedy Mazara; Funmto Ogunbanwo; Niyel Taree Campbell; Matthew Findley

12. Using Color Gradients to Expand Stroop Task
Author:Marley Jensen Dietert; Lauren E. Brewer; Nathan Sparkman; James Kunz

13. Powerful and Persistent? The Effect of Power and Hierarchy Stability on Persistence
Author:Marley Jensen Dietert; M. Cristina Ramos Molina; Jonathan Smith; Kyle E. Conlon

14. Variables Influencing Performance Anxiety in an Experimental Psychology Course
Author:Stephanie Silva; Stella G Lopez; Jorge Pena; Mary Ellen McNaughton-Cassill

15. Voting my anxiety: Theological defensiveness, political affiliation, and charismatic leadership perceptions
Author:Emilie Noah; Anna Harper

16. When Opposites Don't Attract: Homophily on Facebook
Author:Hannah Lynn Spears; Emily Braun; Sean Alexander Bogle Jr.; Tiffiny L. Sia

17. Power of Friendship: Fandom Identification Mediates Norms of Giving
Author:Daniel P Chadborn; Stephen M Reysen; Adam Ray; Natalia Assis; Andrew M. Tague; Thomas R Brooks

18. Campus Carry: How it Affects Working with Others
Author:Hayden L. Holmes; Lauren E. Brewer

19. Predictors of Fan Entitlement in Three Fandoms
Author:Andrew M. Tague; Stephen M Reysen; Jennifer Shaw; Courtney Plante; Adam Ray; Daniel P Chadborn; Natalia Assis; Thomas R Brooks

20. Predictors of Intention to Join a University Alumni Association
Author:Natalia Assis; Stephen M Reysen; Shonda A Gibson; LaVelle Hendricks; Adam Ray; Daniel P Chadborn; Thomas R Brooks

21. Presidential Candidate Portrayals in the Austin-American Statesman
Author:Shirley M. Ogletree; Ashley Frost; Rachel Nabors

22. The Influence of Moral Foundations in Evaluation of Human Subjects Research
Author:Donna M. Desforges; Brittanie Allyn Hancock; Maria Botero

23. Can Blind People Be Good Parents? Blindness and Perceptions of Parental Competence
Author:Allison E Pratt

24. Initial Impressions of Potential Faculty Members
Author:Miguel Negrete

25. Correlational Relationships of Sex, Attitudes Toward Sexual Minorities, Transgender Persons, and Women
Author:Katharine Benoit

26. Homosexuality: Factors Predicting Social Acceptance
Author:Blake Michael LeBlanc; Tracy Protti; Cheryl S. Lynch

27. Pilot Study: Resiliency Processes in an HIV patient, post-diagnosis
Author:Alexander Young

29. The Acceptability of Infidelity in Homosexual and Heterosexual Relationships
Author:Nikole L. Eaves; Edythe Kirk

30. Victim Blaming and Bisexuality
Author:Elizabeth Peavy; Lauren E. Brewer

31. Why Not Both: Queer Community Bias Towards Bisexuality
Author:Jacob Jardel; J. Adam Randell; Jeffrey L Seger

32. Investigating Sex and Gender Role in Relation to Creativity
Author:Chelsey Hogan

33. Consent, Empathy, Sexism, and Rape Myth Acceptance
Author:Rebekah Urban; Ian MacFarlane

34. Enjoyment According to Facial Feedback Theory
Author:Mark Thomas Klomann; Jennifer Christine Tejeda; Rita Alejandra Rodriguez; Amy K Dicke-Bohmann

35. Art, Control, and Sensation; A Correlational Study
Author:Lea Ann Jordan

36. Effects of Voice Pitch and Sexual Orientation on Authority in the Workplace
Author:Kane R. Vest

APA Academic Career Workshop
Sunday, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Chair: Don Lucas

Psi Chi Advisor Q&A
Sunday, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

SWPA Symposium: Social 2
Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Drew Curtis

1. All Lies: Sex, Drugs, and Detection
Author:Drew A. Curtis; Christian L. Hart; Steven Troy Brewer; Drew A. Curtis

SWPA Poster Session: Developmental
Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

1. Exploring Touch Screens: Infants’ actions towards touch screens, photographs, and objects
Author:Christine Ziemer

2. Missionary kids research
Author:Kendall Grace Davenport

3. Academic Self-Regulation: A Correlative Study
Author:Michelle Borckardt; Jessica Galt; Lea Maric; Kendra Suell; Pat P Coble; Jennifer L. O'Loughlin-Brooks; Joshua Adam Arduengo

4. Exploring the Bilingual Advantage on Selective Inhibition: Physiololgical and Behavioral Indices
Author:Cassandra Gonzales; Dana Byrd

5. Gender Biases in Perceptions of Longevity: Implications for Retirement Planning
Author:Thomas Brent Ayres; Allison R. Broussard; Francisco Pablo Lozano; Martha Isabel Bojorquez; Antonio Emmanuel Perez; Douglas Alan Hershey

6. High school students and their usage of cell phones during school
Author:Stacie Leann Higgins; Sharon Eaves

7. Implicit Theories of Personality and Ratings of Health in Middle School Students
Author:Lisa Rosen; Linda Rubin; Eva Caroline Henderson

8. Longitudinal Assessment of Emotional Distress and Academic Performance in Food Insecure Children
Author:Diane Berry; Richard Amory; Taylor Hanna; Terry Clark

9. Operationalizing Purpose in Life Via a New Four Factor Measure
Author:Olivia Lucille Stephens; Meghan A Crabtree; Manuel Galvan; Janelle Kohler; Zainab A Mohammed; Yesenia Angelica Yanez; Rishika A Someshwar; Sally Kordab; David Pillow

10. Parents Perception of Child’s Anxiety in Relation to Homework and Testing.
Author:Kortney Boldt; Samira Islam-Mina; Dalton Wise; Katherine N Wickes; Shaan Syed Shahabuddin

11. Pastors' Kid Neglect: Who's Responsible?
Author:Allison Renee Elkins

12. Physiological Changes of Heart Rate in Response to Positive Emotional Stimuli
Author:Courtney Hartman; Evan M Jordan; Shaina Hall; Sammantha Ann Roshay; Kyle Austin Christopher; David G. Thomas

13. Predictors of Child Externalizing Problems: Child Self-Regulation, Child & Maternal Negative Affect
Author:Ogechi Katherina Nwadinobi; Jeffrey R. Gagne

14. Prosocial Behavior, Aggression, and Social Comparison in Early Adolescence
Author:Alyssa Marie Turner; Leslie Echols

15. School Psychologists' Training and Views on Bullying
Author:Suhani Bhakta; Courtney Nicole Bolin; Lisa Rosen; Kathy DeOrnellas

16. Social Interactions in Tween-Targeted Cartoons
Author:Heather M Hill; Anna Villarreal

17. Teacher Personality as a Predictor of Bullying Intervention
Author:Maria Carol Baptiste; Jelisa Jones; Lisa Rosen; Elizabeth Marie Thompson; Lisbet Verdin

18. Teacher Responses to Physical and Social Bullying
Author:Courtney Nicole Bolin; Dainiznorai Orozco; Lisa Rosen

19. Teachers' Responses to Male and Female Bullies
Author:Courtney Nicole Bolin; Eva Caroline Henderson; Janet Jacob; Lisa Rosen

20. Temperament and Oppositional Defiant Behavior Problems in Preschool-aged Children
Author:Stephen Doerfler; Jeffrey R. Gagne

21. The Effect of Social Skills Training on the Behavior of Young Children
Author:Rachel Team; Charles Wadlington; Claire Tyrrell; Madeleine Hammond; Kaitlin Cloud

22. The Role of Social Context in Linking Past to Present
Author:Megan Whelen; Joseph M. Burling; Hanako Yoshida

23. What's the Matter with Kids Today? Millennials on Millennials
Author:Dena L Matzenbacher; Linda Brannon; Bianca Augustine

24. Pastors' Kid Neglect: Who's Responsible?
Author:Allison Renee Elkins

25. Parental Anxiety and Child Anxiety as Predictors of Childhood Co-Sleeping
Author:Johanna Escalante; Michelle Clementi; Cara Palmer; Joanne Bower; Candice Alfano

26. Bedtime Behaviors: The relationship of children's sleep disturbance behaviors and parental variables
Author:Caroline Roberts; Kristina Harper; Mary Short; Christopher Ward; Steven Bistricky

27. God, Guns, and TV: Personal Beliefs, Parental Mediation, and Media
Author:John Ray Cruzan; Summer Adams; Carrie Moon; Jenny Nguyen; Nisa Farhat Sheikh; Jeanifer Osorio; Beth Hentges

28. Peer Relationships of Adolescents Influenced by Lack of Parental Monitoring
Author:DShawn Etienne; Kia Danaye Sparks; Candice Rousso; Taryn Logan Sanders; Burton Ashworth; Billie Clare Myers; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson

29. Quality of Caregiver Relationship To Adolescent Sexual Experience
Author:Katlyn Brown; Burton Ashworth; Billie Clare Myers; Lawrence S Dilks; Kimberly S. Hutchinson

30. Attachment style and Loneliness among Male Incarcerated Sex Offenders
Author:David P McAnulty; Richard D McAnulty; Michael Kenneth Ryerson

31. Boys Will Be Boys, But Girls Have to Be Good
Author:Bianca Augustine; Linda Brannon

33. Coping Strategies Utilized by Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers
Author:Ashley Baker; Srijana Shrestha

34. Self-efficacy and self-esteem in the organizational context
Author:Zayda Costa; Anastasiya Rusilka; Toni M DiDona

SWPA talk session: Experimental 2
Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

1. Effects of a Positive Psychological Intervention on Happiness in At-Risk Students
Author:Pamela Harlan

2. Confidence Levels for Memory: Glitches and Eyewitnesses
Author:Kirsten Baird Whiteside; Samantha Katlyn Yenne; Michael L. Czuchry

3. The Impact of Incentives and Risks on Frequency of Deception
Author:Caitlin Noelle Brennan; Kaitlin Nicole Hindes; Mary Pogue; Heather Celeste Ramirez; Michael L. Czuchry

SWPA talk session: Clinical 2
Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Stacey Kerr

1. College Student Jury Perceptions of NGRI Verdicts
Author:Stacey Kerr; Sylvia Middlebrook; Gregory S Drury; Tessa Ann Thomas; Jasmine Thompson

2. Deception in Therapy: Setting as a Motivation
Author:Lynette Nicole Carrillo; Drew A. Curtis; Tay Hack

3. The Effect of Working Alliance and Therapy Type in Session Attendance
Author:Lilli-Anna R Baca; Kevin Rowell

SWPA talk session: Sexual Behavior 3
Sunday, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Chair: Raelynn Haynes

1. How Thin is "in"?: Examining the Attractiveness of the "Thigh Gap"
Author:Raelynn Deaton Haynes; Marcela Nicole Kunkel; Jessica Boyette-Davis

2. Sexual consent perceptions related to sexual scripts and consent attitudes and behaviors
Author:Sara Gibson; Amy Lynn Brown